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MADTOWN's Leegeon Releases Beautiful Cover of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down"

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MADTOWN’s Leegeon  has dropped a beautiful cover of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down,” and fans cannot help but gape in awe at his harmonic voice. The cover was released through YouTube on June 16 through the agency’s official account. The cover video itself is very simple. Only Leegeon on a small stool, singing into a microphone, can be seen in the black and white clip. Other than the small changes of his facial expression, the listener has not much to hang on to other than his beautiful voice that accurately captures the pain of the song. The strained emotions in his voice alone accurately describe the heartache of a man drowning in his despair of a lost lover. leegeon cover This is the second part of the Leegeon Cover Project. Earlier last month, he had uploaded another video of him covering Na Yoon Kwon’s “If Only.” Watch his mind-blowing cover down here!

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