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Park Bo Young and Minah Become Besties Thanks to Their Similar Looks

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It is no wonder that Park Bo Young and Minah are the beloved sweethearts of Korea, especially since the two of them look so much alike. On the episode of KBS 2’s “1 Night 2 Days” aired on June 14, the last chapter of the crew’s travel to the 38 line and the first part of the friendship vacation with girlfriends is shown. Park Bo Young and Minah are both invited to the friendship vacation, and in revealed photos, the two have the same smile. Not only do they melt the men’s heart with their adorable charms, but also their crescent eye smile adds to their beauty. As the youngest participants of the show, the two are the life of the set as they compete in a game at a amusement park in Chuncheon. Cha Tae Hyun, Park Bo Young, Defconn, and Minah team up in a bet for lunch. While trying to figure out a team name, the two capture the hearts of the members with their aegyo. At the amusement park, they hang out as normal girls in their 20s, enjoying their time and just having fun. Despite the bets and competition, the two ride roller coaster and take photos with character headbands. Most interesting of all is the fact that Park Bo Young and Minah first met at the set, though it seems like they are best friends. Thanks to their similar looks, they quickly get along together and breath life into the set with their energetic personalities. 1night 2 days Source (1)

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