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Netizens Speculate "King of Mask Singer" Contestant Is A Pink's Jung Eunji

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Who is "Mom Hates UV Rays"? All bets are on A Pink's Jung Eunji. The MBC Sunday variety show that has taken the Korean audience by storm, "King of Mask Singer," brings forth new challengers every week, taking some well-known, some underrated, and some completely out of the blue celebrities and masking them, challenging viewers to judge based purely on voice and to guess who the masked singer could be. One contestant especially drew a lot of attention this week, appearing on the June 14 episode. Given the nickname "Mom Hates UV Rays," the singer was dressed in ahjumma-style pants, a huge sun-visor, and white gloves. She astounded the panel and audience with her singing, displaying confidence and skill while harmonizing with her competing masked singer, "Beethoven Virus." They sang the song "Star Falls" by Travel Sketch. Panel member Yoon Il Sang, who is a singer, composer, and music expert, praised "Mom Hates UV Rays" ability to control her vocalization and delivery, as well as her perfect pitch. Another panel member, Lee Yoon Seok, was sure that "Mom Hates UV Rays" is not an idol singer because of the deep emotions that she relayed, suspecting her to be a veteran singer like Park Mi Kyung. Netizens have a different idea, though, speculating that "Mom Hates UV Rays" is none other than A Pink's Jung Eunji, a female K-pop idol. Pointing out the way "Mom Hates UV Rays" holds her mic, the way she stands, the way she talks, and how she sings, netizens are sure that she is Jung Eunji. Check out the full performance for yourself below. There is also another video that compiles examples of Jung Eunji's singing and comparing it to "Mom Hates UV Rays." What do you think? Do you think "Mom Hates UV Rays" is Jung Eunji? masked singer mom hates uv rays

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