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HaHa Surprised by Guest Appearance of Byul on "Running Man"

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HaHa’s awkwardness at the sight of his wife Byul on the latest episode “Running Man” had the rest of the show’s cast roaring with laughter.

Appearing as the guest partner of her husband on the June 14 episode of the variety show, Byul surprises the show’s entire cast, including HaHa. His awkwardness at his wife’s sudden appearance quickly has everyone laughing. “It looks like HaHa won’t be able to do anything today,” Yoo Jae Suk jokes. “Do you know what Ji Suk Jin told me? He said, ‘That must be no fun,’” which turns the set into a sea of laughter.


Byul then proceeds to have more fun at HaHa’s expense, describing  card full of curse words that she received from him as a present. Naming the card as a gift that she had been disappointed to receive, Byul says, “Haha asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him to just write me a card. So he wrote a bunch of swear words on a card and gave it to me.”

“HaHa has deep thoughts but he’s not great at expressing them,” she continues. “Once he was congratulating me on my birthday and finished whatever he was saying with a swear word. To his bride-to-be,” she says, drawing more laughter.


Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun and So Joon Ho also make guest appearances on this “Love and War” special of “Running Man.”

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