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INFINITE's Hoya Says He Wanted to Take Role in "Mask" Because of Soo Ae

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INFINITE's Hoya says that he accepted the offer to play Soo Ae's younger brother in the SBS drama "Mask" with zero hesitation. Hoya is currently playing the character of Ji Hyuk in "Mask," which is taking the lead in ratings for its Wednesday-Thursday time slot. SBS held an interview with Hoya by asking him questions submitted by viewers. One of the questions is, "When you received the offer to play the lead actress Soo Ae's younger brother, what did you think?" Hoya answers, "Before I saw the script, I heard that the role was Soo Ae's younger brother and I decided that I definitely had to do it. I saw the script after that, and it was really interesting." This is Hoya's first major role in a drama since he starred in "Reply 1997" three years ago, and he says that his fellow INFINITE members congratulated him a lot. Hoya is also asked how he is similar to or different from his character Ji Hyuk. He replies, "First of all, Ji Hyuk tends not to plan things out, while I plan out every single thing I do in my life. We're different in that way." "But we're similar in that we're both hot-tempered, we're easily scared, and more than anything else we have a similar life story," he says. "So I can sympathize with the character." You can catch Hoya in "Mask" on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday. Source (1)

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