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Won Bin's Past Career as a Singer Revealed

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A special corner dedicated to Won Bin's past was aired on the June 10 episode of SBS's "One Night of TV Entertainment." First, photos from his schoolboy days were revealed. As expected, he looked as handsome as ever in these pictures. Following that, a past interview of Won Bin's father talking about his son's superior looks was revealed. He said humbly, "[My son is] not especially handsome. Everyone else is handsome too. It's not like my son is the only handsome person." WonBinPastPhotos They also mentioned that Won Bin has promoted as a singer before, gathering interest. The broadcast also shed light on why Won Bin got a mysterious image. He said in a past interview, "When you're doing interviews, even if you're not trying to do so, inevitably, a false image gets aired. There are people who will judge me based solely on that false image, and so I don't do many interviews." You can watch the video below: Source (1)

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