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Watch: Hyoyeon Chops Off Her Golden Locks on First Episode of "Hyoyeon's Million Likes"

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The first episode of Girl's Generation's Hyoyeon's very own variety show, "Hyoyeon's Million Likes," aired on June 12, revealing how she came to cut her long hair for the first time in a while. The show has Hyoyeon carry around a camera and give the audience a taste of what her daily life looks like. On the first episode, she contemplates whether she should cut off her hair and says, "I've always had my hair long ever since high school. I really wanted to change up my style and went to a hair salon after practice, but I changed my mind at the last minute and just dyed my roots." Even fellow member Sooyoung says, "The way Hyoyeon's hair sways when she dances is really pretty," and strongly went against it. Despite all the opposition, however, Hyoyeon firmly makes up her mind and cuts off her golden locks on the show. hyoyeon1 Afterwards, Hyoyeon sends her selca to Girls' Generation's group chat room and waits for the other members' responses. Thankfully, everyone seems to like her new look, saying, "Daebak! It's really pretty," "It suits you well!" What do you think of Hyoyeon's new hairstyle? Source (1)

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