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Lee Seung Gi Releases 1-Minute MV for "And Goodbye"

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Lee Seung Gi recently unveiled his music video for "And Goodbye." Greeting his fans for the first time in a while, Lee Seung Gi wanted this video to express gratefulness, happiness, longing and more towards them who have loved him for the past 10 years. When it was revealed, however, fans became confused when the video was only one minute long. A representative of Lee Seung Gi's company explained the reason behind it and stated that the music video was originally set to release together with the song on June 10. However, the music video film got damaged and the editors were not able to save the whole footage. An affiliate of the production crew stated, "We tried our best to edit, but it was difficult to create a music video only with the little footage we had. The title song and album are already out, so we don't have enough time to shoot it again. We debated on whether releasing a poor-quality music video with plot holes was the right thing to do." Lee Seung Gi did not want to let his fans down, though, so the production crew decided to release a one-minute music video, created with the remaining footage they had. The affiliate continued, "Lee Seung Gi feels very sorry towards his fans. He wanted to gift a good music video for them but couldn't." Source (1) [yesasia link="http://www.yesasia.com/us/lee-seung-gi-vol-6/1042749101-0-0-0-en/info.html" title="And..."]Lee Seung Gi - And...[/yesasia]

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