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TVXQ Taking Special Precautions Against MERS for Upcoming Concerts

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While MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has the whole country anxious, the superstar duo TVXQ revealed that it will take thorough precautions at their upcoming concerts. According to SM Entertainment on June 10, TVXQ will perform at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium for "TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY" as planned on June 13 and 14. However, they will be taking special precautions. The staff related that the concert will be setting up fumigators along important routes to entering the concert venue. The ticketing site Yes24 said through a notice, "At the entrance of Haneolgyo, we are planning on primary prevention [of MERS] for the concertgoers by using a disinfectant fumigator that is 100 percent safe to the human body." They added, "We are planning on working with expert fumigator companies who use products and professional equipment that are 100 percent safe to the human body to disinfect the concert hall as well as various places around the venue where you will be watching the concert." They added, "On the morning of the 13th and 14th, which are the concert dates, we will be disinfecting the stage, seats, and waiting rooms." Outside the venue and at the entrance gate, there will be a thermal camera with an alarm function. They said, "If a temperature higher than normal is detected, healthcare personnel placed around the venue will be doing a quick healthcare check." They added, "If a genuine fever is detected, the individual will not be allowed to enter the concert." They also said, "Audience members who have fevers, coughs, or are feeling unwell are discouraged from attending the concert, and should get adequate rest instead." They clarified, "If you cancel your tickets, the penalty fees will be waived and cancellation is possible right up to the day of the concert. If the tickets have already been shipped, if you send your tickets back to the ticket office by June 26, you can get your money back." They are also taking precautions by forgoing merchandise booths. They said, "On the day of the concerts, no outdoor booths including merchandise booths will be run. The official merchandise will be sold online." They continued, "There will also be no tickets for sale at the door. Audience members are discouraged from having collective meetings or giveaways, and we ask them to come to the venue at the opening time." They also asked the audience members that they would be thankful if they "please help us by taking care of your personal hygiene by wearing a mask inside the concert, using hand sanitizers placed around the concert hall, and washing your hands frequently." They finally relayed, "We will continuously check aspects that can be modified beforehand, and do our very best for you to enjoy the concert in a healthy and hygienic way." Source (1)

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