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Younha Dreams About Song Joong Ki After Fangirling Over Him on Twitter

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Looks like singer Younha is so enchanted by actor Song Joong Ki's charms that she recently even dreamt about him! On June 9, Younha posted on her Twitter, saying, "First dream: I'm sleeping on the streets because my perfectly normal house is scary (I don't remember why). I meet Song Joong Ki. We have a 'some' relationship. I start panicking because the time period I'm in suggests the end of the world is coming. When things start to calm down I drink expired milk and die, then get resurrected. Things start to go well [with Song Joong Ki] again, then an apocalypse starts." younha twitter To this fascinating tweet, a fan posted a hilarious comment, saying, "You can't be with Joongki oppa even in your dreams [LOL] the apocalypse happened because you were with Joong Ki oppa [LOL] because Joong Ki oppa is mine.." younha twitter fan If you're wondering how much she thinks about Song Joong Ki on daily basis, just check out her recent tweets which were basically all about him. younha twitter2 "Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki" "Joong Ki oppa did you get discharged well?" "Why doesn't Joong Ki oppa have Twitter?" younha twitter3 "Joong Ki oppa~ I'm having spicy noodles with coffee, do you want to join??" "Okay I'm done with my craziness" "Lastly, I hope Song Joong Ki's comeback drama performs well. Joong Ki oppa, have a nice time on your trip." I bet some fangirls can relate to this, can't we?

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