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Male Missionary Sentenced to Jail for Posting Extreme Comments about Honey Lee

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A male missionary ,who has left numerous threatening and degrading comments about actress Honey Lee, has been sentenced to jail. On June 9, the police announced that A (47) has been sentenced to a year in prison for defaming and threatening the actress online. From February of 2013 until June of the same year, A accessed the internet using a university computer lab to leave extreme comments about the actress to his Twitter account. The police reported that there were 233 cases of offensive comments on his account. During the same time period, A also wrote 23 posts that were disturbing to the star. One post was reported as saying, "Why, God! Do you make me cry tears of blood by choosing such a woman as my spouse? I will pull all of Honey Lee's hair out." A has confessed to liking Honey Lee from 2006, and falling for her deeper in December of 2009, when he saw her perform. He confessed that he began to post such comments after realizing that he had no way of getting close to her. The judge who ruled the verdict commented, "The defendant has claimed that he wrote the posts after hearing the voice of god, and most of what he says is not something he has really witnessed. The victim has stated that what the defendant said as truth is also false. Therefore we must rule that his comments are not based in facts." The judge further added, "The defendant has continuously defamed and insulted the victim through social media over a significant period of time. The nature of the crime is evidently bad." Source: (1)

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