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Shin Hae Chul Memorial Concert to Be Held at "Pentaport Rock Festival"

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This August's "Pentaport Rock Festival" will include a special memorial concert for the late singer Shin Hae Chul. Shin Hae Chul passed away last October at the age of 46 after he suffered a heart attack following complications from gastrointestinal surgery. The memorial concert will be held on August 7 as part of the three-day rock festival in Incheon. It will feature some of his fellow members of N.EX.T, including Kim Se Hwang, Kim Young Suk, and Lee Soo Yong, as well as Schizo's Joo Sung Min. In place of Shin Hae Chul, the role of vocalist will be shared by No Brain's Lee Sung Woo, Crash's Ahn Heung Chan, Kim Bada, Hong Kyung Min, and Lee Hyun Sub. Shin Hae Chul performed at the "Pentaport Rock Festival" in 2006 and 2008. The organizers says that this memorial concert will be an opportunity for the artists and fans to come together to remember Shin Hae Chul's impressive career, which spanned across diverse genres. Source (1)

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