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BEAST's Yoon Doojoon Runs Away from Kiss Scene on "Let's Eat 2"

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The making film for the last episode of tvN’s “Let's Eat 2” was recently revealed, showing kiss scenes between BEAST member Yoon Doojoon and Seo Hyun Jin. “I’m mostly impassive right now. I know Seo Hyun Jin will lead me,” Yoon Doojoon says, though he seems slightly nervous. While Seo Hyun Jin is eager, saying, “I’ll finish the kiss scene in one cut,” the shy Yoon Doojoon starts looking for a double to take his place. When the filming for the kiss scene finally starts, Yoon Doojoon shouts, “I don’t know what to do,” and runs away from the scene as the entire staff laughs out loud. Seo Hyun Jin eventually cheers him up, and the two manage to film a romantic kiss scene that will melt viewers’ hearts. Source (1)

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