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Song Jae Rim: “Leaving ‘We Got Married’ Is Not the End with Kim So Eun”

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During a recent interview with News1, actor Song Jae Rim discussed “We Got Married” as well as his partner on the show, actress Kim So Eun. The actor shared, “Many people who thought I was cold due to my image in dramas told me that their thoughts changed a lot after watching ‘We Got Married.’ I think my image has also changed a lot [thanks to the show]. I like that people can easily approach me now. I think the reason I earned love through ‘We Got Married’ is because a lot of people looked upon my easy-going personality favorably.” “There hasn’t been a moment when my appearance on ‘We Got Married’ had a negative effect on me as of now. I was also lucky enough to have met a good partner like So Eun. Having a fixed/permanent image is something that can happen while acting out a certain character. Because of my image shown on variety shows, people may be able to think that it’s ‘reversal acting’ if I take on a heavy, pokerface character. Rather than having given people ‘colored glasses,’ I think [variety] has become a stepping stone for me to be able to display a variety of roles as I act in the future.” In the past, Song Jae Rim has described his virtual marriage life with Kim So Eun as a “fantasy.” About this, the actor explained, “I still think of it as a kind of fantasy to a certain point. ‘We Got Married,’ by nature, doesn’t have a script. Viewers watch us have fun through the filtering of a camera. A lot of ‘real couple’-like aspects are shown. My own dating style and my relationship with So Eun are also reflected through the show as well.” Song Jae Rim also expressed that he shows his real-life theory of love through the program: “To me, a lover is the equivalent of my pride. I can’t bear to see my woman being looked down on. I always want to make [my girlfriend] laugh. I wouldn’t want to give her a hard time. I think of lot of that goes into the show. When actually dating in real life, I do special events or give flowers [to my girlfriend]. There are people who cringe [when they watch us on the show], but we’re all guilty of doing those things when dating.” When asked if feelings from “We Got Married” continue to develop off screen, he honestly shared, “As a person, my emotions aren’t completely separated into two. Just because we end ‘We Got Married’ today doesn’t mean that my feelings about So Eun disappear tomorrow.” “I’ve prepared myself, to a certain point, for the end of ‘We Got Married’ as I filmed with So Eun and monitored the show. Our colors (personalities) have become very similar during the nine months of virtual marriage life. We’re a couple that really connects well. The end of ‘We Got Married’ won’t be the end of my relations with So Eun. There’s always a possibility of meeting again through another project. I’m always open to opportunities. As they say, we don’t know what can happen until the coffin lid closes,” with a laugh. song jae rim Source (1)

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