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Gong Seung Yeon Gives Lee Jong Hyun a Sweet Kiss on the Hand on "We Got Married"

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On June 6's episode of "We Got Married," Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon are as flirty as ever in the car on the way to the zoo for a date. They're even holding hands as Lee Jong Hyun drives, and they both give each other's hands a quick kiss. But while they're driving, Lee Jong Hyun confesses with a heavy sigh that he's lost his couple key ring. On a previous date, he had told her that he'd just left it at home. But he then surprises her by opening up the compartment between their seats to reveal three more of the key rings! He says he wasn't sure exactly which charm had been on his so he ordered all three, but Gong Seung Yeon quickly finds it among the bunch. He explains that when he was in Japan recently, he had called the store where they had first bought their key rings and had them deliver three of them. Gong Seung Yeon is speechless at all the effort he put into it. "I did a good job, right?" asks Lee Jong Hyun, and she strokes his hair in return. She says in her interview, "There are not many people like him." "So can you forgive me?" Lee Jong Hyun asks her. She says that there's nothing to forgive. He then admits that he had been really upset when he lost it. "Really?" she says, totally touched. "You have such a kind heart." She then grabs his hand again and kisses it happily. gong seung yeon lee jong hyun 2 You can check out the rest of their adorable date on this week's episode of "We Got Married"! gong seung yeon lee jong hyun Source (1)

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