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Namgoong Min's Glare Scares His CEO

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Actor Namgoong Min talked about the scary image that he got by playing Kwon Jae Hee, a psychopathic serial killer on SBS's "The Girl Who Sees Smells." During an interview on June 5, Namgoong Min said while laughing, "When I was filming my drama, I was looking down and I glared up at my CEO and said, 'Excuse me?' He told me I was scary and not to look at him like that." He continued, "While I was filming 'We Got Married,' I had the image of being not masculine enough and being too nice, but I think playing Kwon Jae Hee changed it." He added, "I think it was a good chance for me to show another side of myself." He said "Actually, I worried about how scary I should make my character. If I made a wrong move, I could have become very unlikeable." He then commented, "Since it was a drama, I thought I shouldn't go to the extremes so I adjusted a bit. I think I did well." Namgoong Min played the star chef Kwon Jae Hee, who was also a psychopathic serial killer, and left a strong impression on viewers. Meanwhile, Namgoong Min is considering his next project after finishing "The Girl Who Sees Smells." Source (1)

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