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Sung Joon and Uee Say They Locked Lips Right After Meeting for "High Society"

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Uee and Sung Joon have revealed that they had quite the first encounter when they met to film the teaser for their upcoming SBS romantic melodrama "High Society." At a recent press conference, the two stars talked about what went down. Uee says, "We were like, 'Hello, I'm Sung Joon,' 'Hello, I'm Uee noona,' and then right away said 'Should we start?' and we just did the kiss scene. After that we were really comfortable with each other." "One of Sung Joon's great points is that when he's acting he always makes his co-star feel relaxed," she says. "If I make a mistake in a scene and apologize, he tells me not to worry about it. He's the kind of guy who really makes you fall in love with him when you're acting." Sung Joon adds, "Since the first thing we shot together was the kiss scene in the teaser, getting close physically made us also get close psychologically." Regarding what he likes about his co-star Uee, Sung Joon says, "It's easy to get cranky when you're working. But Uee isn't like a typical actress, she's more like a hyung to me. So we work well together." "High Society" will be airing its first episode on June 8. You can check out their first kiss scenes in the teaser below! Source (1)

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