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The New F4 of K-Dramas

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Move over, Lee Min Ho and Co.: there's a new set of fresh-faced flower boys breakin' hearts. It takes a fierce kind of presence to take over the legacy of a member of F4. (Don't know what F4 is? See "Boys Over Flowers.") They steal scenes from acting heavyweights, stir hallways with gossip, and have the kind of looks that make jaws drop. Watch out for these latest gents on K-drama screens: they're tall, they're handsome, and they're just getting started. 1. Ji Soo, "Angry Mom" ji soo angry mom 2 Gravelly voice? Check. Darkly brooding enough to own the moment? Check. Actor Ji Soo turned up in a big way in this year's explosive "Angry Mom," and we noticed. Let's see some leading roles soon, yeah? 2. Kim Kwon, "Heard It Through The Grapevine" Screen-shot-2015-05-05-at-12.50.38-PM-e1 Kim Kwon had me doing a serious double-take in "Heard It Through The Grapevine." As a freshly minted young lawyer, Kim Kwon smoothly carried the role of academic wunderkind with a dash of dapper elitism. And I thought Lee Joon had all the flower boy moments covered in the drama - nope, we've got more reason to swoon. 3. Lee Tae Hwan, "Pride and Prejudice" Screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-6.23.34-PM-e14

Lee Tae Hwan, a member of acting group 5urprise, first caught my eye on "King Of High School"  as Tae Suk, one of Seo In Guk’s hockey-playing besties.  What followed was a sizable role in "Pride and Prejudice" alongside Choi Jin Hyuk as a series regular.

4. Kim Hyun Joon, "Plus Nine Boys" Screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-5.52.48-PM-e14 Kim Hyun Joon more recently appeared in "Hogu's Love," but I'm partial to his role as Park Jae Bum in "Plus Nine Boys." Awkwardly stiff and not so smooth with the ladies, Kim Hyun Joon's character had the hots for Kyung Soo Jin and found a romantic rival in Kim Young Kwang. Who wouldn't mind having any of these four dons accompany them while doing...anything? Honorable Mentions Go Kyung Pyo, "Tomorrow's Cantabile" Go Kyung Pyo He was lovably nutty in "Tomorrow's Cantabile," impossibly cute in "The Flower Boy Next Door," and is next appearing in the latest installment of the "Answer Me" series, "Answer Me 1988." Nam Joo Hyuk, "School 2015" Screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-7.40.13-PM-e14 Starring in the current drama "School 2015," Nam Joo Hyuk's got an innocent mug and a knack for sweetly goofy and easygoing characters. (See also his adorable, satoori-speaking role in "Surplus Princess.") With all this gorgeousness onscreen, I just hope you can handle it.

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