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Yewon Posts Handwritten Letter Apologizing to Lee Tae Im, Henry, and Viewers

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In the wake of news of her and Henry’s departure from “We Got Married,” Yewon has posted onto her Twitter a handwritten apology letter that addresses the “Tutoring Across Generations” controversy between her and Lee Tae Im. In the letter, she addresses why she stayed on “We Got Married” despite netizen backlash and apologizes to her virtual partner Henry, Lee Tae Im, ‘We Got Married’ viewers, and other related parties. “Hello. This is Yewon. I don’t know how to express my regret that it’s taken me so long to write this. It was my first time being at the center of public opinion, and I couldn’t just release an official statement because there were so many people that would affected by my words. Every single letter [of every word] I write carefully, and although it’s inconsequential, I have, however belatedly, gathered up the courage to write this letter on my own. To be honest, it was really difficult and daunting to have to run into a lot of people while filming ‘We Got Married,’ and there were countless times when I just wanted to give up. However, I felt that it was even more irresponsible of me to give up just because it’s hard for me when the ‘We Got Married’ production team, filming staff, various other related parties, and Henry, who have undergone a number of things because of me, have supported me despite my shortcomings, so I really did my best and thought that doing so was all I could do. I am so sorry to the related parties who have suffered because of me, and I am but only sorry to Henry, who as my partner has been a source of support and did his best for me. I also want to sincerely apologize to the viewers who must have been very uncomfortable seeing me [on television] and am sorry for disappointed those who supported me. Finally, I want to sincerely apologize to Lee Tae Im sunbae who has worked towards her dreams longer than I have and who has suffered due to my immature behavior and inability to be a wiser in my social life at the time of filming for ‘Tutoring Across Generations.’" Tutoring Across Generations We Got Married Source (1)

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