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JYJ's Junsu Says He's Running Out of Colors to Dye His Hair with

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During a press conference for his upcoming musical "Death Note" which took place on June 1, JYJ's Junsu told reporters that he is running out of colors to dye his hair with. "I haven't had a huge issue [because of my dyed hair]. For the past ten years, I have dyed and bleached a lot. It's to the point that when I look for new colors to dye my hair with, I can't find any on the chart that I haven't yet tried," Junsu said. He continued, "If I have one problem with my hair, it's that sometimes when I dry it with a hairdryer, strand fly about like cotton candy. Apart from that, I don't worry too much." Composed by Frank Wildhorm, an American composer who was chosen as "Koreans' most beloved composer," and renown Japanese musical director Kuriyama Tamiya, "Death Note" is the musical adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name. Junsu will play the role of genius detective L who is in a constant game of cat and mouse with main protagonist Light Yagami (also known as Raito).  The  musical will run from June 20 to August 9. Now, let's check out some pictures 0f Junsu's ever-colorful hair over the years! Which is your favorite? Junsu 1Kim Junsu DraculaJunsu 2JYJJYJ Junsujyj junsu Source (1)

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