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Man Who Hasn't Bathed Properly for 7 Years Shocks "Hello Counselor" Audience

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On the recent episode of "Hello Counselor," a man who hasn't washed properly for seven years came on the show and shocked everyone on set. The wife of the man, who sent in this story, confessed, "I married my husband eight years ago after only one month of dating. Now his body reeks like sewage because hasn't bathed before bed for seven years." She continued, "He smells like the bathroom, trash, and rotten food combined. He sleeps without even washing off the reeking mud from work. My husband works at a mechanic shop and comes home with oil all over his body, but he doesn't wash up before bed. We're using separate rooms because he doesn't shower, and we haven't had any interactions for seven years and counting." hello counselor4 Later, the problematic husband is revealed, who says, "I usually wash my hair and face in the morning. I also wash my hands frequently during work. I shower every three to four days in the morning. Getting up at 6:30 in the morning and coming home late, sometimes I fall asleep while watching TV after work." hello counselor2 The husband claims that he did shower at night once, saying, "It was refreshing, but it was cold when I was washing up. Doesn't everyone else smell as much as I do?" and petrified everyone in the studio. hello counselor3 Watch the clip below: This episode aired on June 1 and also had guest stars Shin Sung Woo, B1A4's Shinwoo, and VIXX's Ken. Source (1)

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