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6 Awesome Interview Answers from Won Bin's Incredibly Nonchalant Parents

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With the news of Won Bin and Lee Na Young's marriage hot in the news, the comments made by Won Bin's parents about their son are once again catching the attention of the public. Won Bin's parents are notorious for their nonchalant attitude towards their son, and media outlet Insight gathered six of their best interview answers from various interviews from the past. 1. "Won Bin must be popular because he takes after his father." Won Bin's father: "He must be like me. How could it be possible for a son to be not like his dad at all? But people are all the same. Even if he's handsome, how handsome could he really be? I don't brag about him to the neighbors. There are so many people who are better looking than him." 2. "You've raised your son well." Won Bin's father: "Our neighbors tell us that we've raised our son well and that it's incredible, but there's nothing great about it. People say that he's popular, but the way I see it, I don't think it's true. I don't know how he will do in the future, but I guess he will do better if he gets a lot of help from the people around him. So help him out a lot." (Woman Chosun, 2004) Won-Bin-53. "You've heard of your son's relationship?" Won Bin's mother: "We found out because our neighbors told us. We actually don't watch a lot of TV, so we don't know who Lee Na Young is. This is my first time seeing her. She's pretty." 4. "Won Bin's at the age to be getting married." Won Bin's mother: "True. I'm sure they'll figure it out on their own."

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5.  "Have you talked to your son since the news of his relationship broke out?" Won Bin's mother: "No. We normally don't talk about those kinds of things. I didn't call him about this and Bin didn't call me either." 6. "Did you know about your son's relationship?" Won Bin's mother: "I did not know that he was meeting Lee Na Young. Whether he dates her or gets married to her, I believe that my son will make the right decisions." (tvN eNEWS, 2013) Source: (1)

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