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Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s Agency Responds to Rumors of Shotgun Wedding

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Actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young have been caught up in rumors and reports speculating that their recent private wedding was a shotgun wedding. In response to these rumors that have continued to circulate online since the news of the newly-married couple’s secret wedding, a representative of their agency, Eden 9, released an official statement. On June 2, the agency rep emphasized, “The one thing we can tell you is that it is not at all true that Won Bin and Lee Na Young got married because of premarital pregnancy. [Lee Na Young] is not pregnant.” Earlier on this day, a news outlet had reported that it was highly likely the blind item about the couple’s wedding being a shotgun wedding is true, as the blind item about their marriage had previously been proven true. The representative of Eden 9 firmly denied the rumors, further explaining, “It seems that people are believing these rumors about premarital pregnancy because the rumor about the two people’s wedding, as well as the rumor about designer Ji Chun Hee having made [Lee Na Young’s] wedding dress turned out to be true. We’re not sure why these kinds of reports keep coming out.” However, the couple does long to have a family of their own in the future: "They both dream of becoming a happy family with the addition of adorable children. While they may wait for news of children as soon as possible after getting married, that is a gift that will be given to them from the heavens." On the two actors’ comeback to acting, the agency shared, “They have been continuously looking over casting offers since before their wedding. Now that they have wrapped up their wedding ceremony, the two of them are trying to return with a new production soon. They are reviewing their next project without being picky, whether it’s a drama or movie. Because they had a long hiatus, they are planning to return to their positions as actors before the end of this year.” Source (1) (2) (3)

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