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BIGBANG Announces Plans for Individual Broadcasts on Naver

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On the night of June 1, BIGBANG hosted a special live streaming event on Naver to countdown to the midnight release of their new single "Made Series-A" and the music video for their new track "BANG BANG BANG." During the special show, Seungri reveals that they've decided that each member will be running their own individual broadcast on Naver in July. "In the past we did 'BIGBANG TV,' but now we plan to each do our own individual broadcasts," he says. He then asks fans to tell them what kind of thing they should do on their shows. The guys also talk about some of their own ideas for what they could do, such as a cooking show hosted by Taeyang. Taeyang throws this idea out pretty fast though, saying all he can make is kimchi fried rice and he can't learn how to cook by July. A fan also sends in the suggestion that T.O.P do a special show on art, to which T.O.P replies, "You should study that on your own." Another fan asks him to recommend furniture during his broadcast. T.O.P shoots this idea down too, saying that they can get that from furniture stores. "My job is singing, you know," he says. What kind of things do you want to see the guys do on their individual broadcasts on Naver this July? Source (1) [yesasia link="http://www.yesasia.com/global/big-bang-made-series-a-random-version-a-or-a-poster-in-tube/1041768140-0-0-0-en/info.html" title="MADE Series-A"]made series[/yesasia]

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