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Chae Jung Ahn Recalls How Park Shin Hye Looked When She Met Gong Yoo

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Park Shin Hye revealed her ideas on love and who she learned them from. On June 1, the female actress visited the set of “Some Guys, Some Girls.” Known as the close friend of Chae Jung Ahn, she enjoyed a home party with other girl friends such as Chae Yeon and Yoon So Yi. During her visit, Park Shin Hye says, “I learned a lot from Chae Jung Ahn. She taught me how to handle men.” “I first met Park Shin Hye when she was 21. I was worried when she would bloom into a woman since I met her when she was so young. But now I know that I worried for nothing. She is doing well on her own,” Chae Jung Ahn says. Chae Jung Ahn also reveals in the episode when Park Shin Hye met Gong Yoo. “I invited her to a get together where Gong Yoo was present too because she was a fan of him. I was surprised to see how her voice and expressions changed, giving her a sexy look,” Chae Jung Ahn says. In response Park Shin Hye reminisces, “I was laying down for bed after taking a shower, but when I received her call, I dashed out and met Gong Yoo with no makeup on and messy hair.” Meanwhile, Jang Hee Jin, Goo Jae Yi, Lee Bo Hyun, Hwang Bo Hyun were also present at the house party to have an honest talk about love, dating, and marriage. This episode of “Some Guys, Some Girls” will air on June 2. park shin hye 2 Source (1)

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