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Choi Siwon Appears on "Gag Concert" to Challenge His Self Proclaimed Look-alike

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon made a surprise appearance on “Gag Concert.” On the May 31 episode of "Gag Concert," in the segment titled "Nuclear Pride," the superstar makes a guest appearance to participate in the comedy skit. “I am told that I look like Choi Siwon,” Lee Sang Hoon says. “Though I’m told that I’m Ohryu-dong’s (a neighborhood in Seoul) Choi Siwon, I’m insulted. I’m the older one; he should be the one called Super Junior’s Lee Sang Hoon.” Just then, Choi Si Won appears, receiving supportive shouts from the crowd. “I’ve come to compare our faces since you keep on calling yourself Ohryu-dong’s Choi Siwon,” he says. choi siwon 2 Afterwards, Lee Sang Hoon parodies Choi Siwon's famous “Fortune Cookie by following its unique poses. Choi Si Won claps along in support, saying “Wonderful, wonderful! You’re shining like a star.” choi siwon 3 When Lee Sang Hoon asks, “You’re just appearing to promote your new movie, not because I look like you, aren’t you?” the star replies, “Nope. My movie already has its own audience,” showing his confidence for the movie. The funniest part is that, despite his words, he comes back again on stage to advertise his new movie to the crowd. Source (1)

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