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6 Film Stars We Want to See in Dramas

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With more film stars coming back to the small screen after focusing on films, we thought it would be nice to get our own list together of film stars we'd love to see in a drama or two.

Im Soo Jung

Collage - Im Soo Jung

Did you know Im Soo Jung has only been in two dramas throughout her career? She starred in the fourth installment of KBS's hit high school series "School 4" (2000-2001), which had a knack for casting (then) unknowns such as Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook, and Bae Doo Na.  Her second drama "I'm Sorry, I Love You" with So Ji Sub skyrocketed her fame after her horror movie "A Tale of Two Sisters." Since then, she's starred consistently in films. It's been a little over 10 years sing Im Soo Jung's last drama, so who wouldn't want to see her grace our small screens again? We can dream, huh? Well until then, you can keep up with her latest activities and take a look at one of her most recent movies, "Perfect Proposal" opposite Yoo Yeon Seok.

Kang Dong Won

Collage - Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won seems to be a favorite actor among viewers and others within the entertainment industry (Girls' Generation's Taeyeon being a known fan) and has been praised for his acting over the years, but did you know he discovered his passion after filming a music video? Kang Dong Won starred in ballad singer Jo Sungmo's "I Swear" music video in 2000. His movies have become hits and widely praised such as "Secret Reunion" with Song Kang Ho and "My Brilliant Life" with Song Hye Kyo. With his popularity, it's no surprise that many would want to see him on their TVs every week versus one or two movies per year; his last drama being "Magic" in 2004. Some say he prefers movies and doesn't plan on returning to dramaland, but we can only dream so until then we'll support his film career with his latest projects being "Black Priests" and "A Violent Prosecutor."

Han Hyo Joo

Collage - Han Hyo Joo

Did you know Han Hyo Joo was discovered at a beauty pageant? In 2003, she participated in a teen pageant sponsored by a food company and went on to star in a popular sitcom called "Nonstop 5," the fifth installment of a popular series that aired on MBC in 2004 alongside (now) popular names such as Tablo and Hong Soo Ah. She's done quite a few dramas in her lengthy career that pushed her to stardom like "Iljimae" opposite Lee Joon Gi and "Brilliant Legacy" with Lee Seung Gi, so you ask why she's even on this list? Well, turns out Miss Han's last project on the small screen was MBC's "Dong Yi" in 2010. Anything is possible, so we'll cross our fingers and wait while catching up on her newest movie "C'est Si Bon."

Won Bin

Collage - Won Bin

This extremely private and sought after actor has been on everyone's radar since his he starred in the widely successful drama "Autumn in My Heart" with Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Kyo. However his very first role came in the form of a supporting role on KBS's "Propose"  which starred Lee Chang Hun and Kim Hee Sun in 1997. Won Bin takes on projects every few years, his last being "The Man From Nowhere (Ajusshi)" in 2010. Despite not being in any acting projects for five years, he still maintains his top star status and resurfaces every now and then for an event or two. Rumors say he's been offered several roles for dramas and movies, but no matter what he takes on fans will be excited.

Son Ye Jin

Collage - Son Ye Jin

Like others on this list, Son Ye Jin has made a name for herself through her film credits such as "Lovers' Concerto" and "The Tower," but like Won Bin, she starred in one of the highly successful season themed series with hers being "Summer Scent" opposite Song Seung Hun. Since debuting 15 years ago, she's taken on a variety of roles from a con artist ("The Art of Seduction") to a woman who sees ghosts ("Spellbound") which have earned her praise for her versatility. Some fans may remember her from her 2011 drama "Personal Taste" opposite Lee Min Ho, which she took on after filming a darker movie and returned two years later with "Shark" in 2013. Here's to hoping she finds a role she loves enough to make a comeback, until then I will re-watch her 2014 movie "The Pirates" with her "Shark" costar Kim Nam Gil.

Gong Yoo

Collage - Gong Yoo

Another beloved actor fans are always dying to see on any screen, Gong Yoo has been gracing us with his [screen] presence for more than 15 years since "School 4" (predecessor to Im Soo Jung's "School 5"). It wasn't until his role in "Coffee Prince" with Yoon Eun Hye that solidified his leading man status and made him a household name. Like any true actor, Gong Yoo chooses to take on different types of roles and he did just that with his role as a teacher at a school for deaf students in "Silenced" (based on the novel "The Crucible") which is based on true events. Not only is he good looking and a skilled actor, he was also chosen as representative for UNICEF in 2013 as well as an ambassador for the National Tax Service in 2014. See? He's also a good role model too! It's been three years since his last drama *sobs* so let's hope he makes a comeback to dramaland soon!

Which film star would you like to see in a drama again? Are there any other film stars you miss seeing on the small screen? Share in the comments below!

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