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Yoo Seung Jun Breaks Down Crying in Second Live Broadcast, Post-Broadcast Conversation Accidentally Aired

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On May 27, AfreecaTV aired Yoo Seung Jun’s second live broadcast, coming a week after his first apology on May 19

"After the interview last time, it was frustrating. However, I was thankful for the opportunity to express myself if just a little bit in front of Korea after 13 years, and to apologize. I was relieved."

"It was really hard to come out after 13 years. I'll be 40 before I know it, and I have two sons. But I did it so I could be a proud father to my children. I had to face my mistakes. It was upsetting that what I had to say was not received very well, but that is entirely my fault."

Yoo Seung Jun once again explains his side of the story, and eventually breaks down in tears. “It hurts so much to be portrayed as a liar. I’m here to apologize for not being able to keep my promise to everyone 13 years ago, and to be able to stand tall as a father. But I’m still seen as a liar, and it’s hard.”

He says he knows what he’s doing is becoming a controversy, and continues, “I’m very sorry, as it looks like I’m shameless, but I hope you’ll understand and believe me.”

“I asked myself countless times. I’ve adjusted to life in China and plan on living here, but why? Now, if I end up passing on my issues to someone else or just giving excuses, failing to be a proud father, I think that’s a failure on my part.”

Spilling tears, Yoo Seung Jun says, “I didn’t know that I would cause so much criticism. If only I could turn back time.”

Previously, Yoo Seung Jun’s broadcast on May 19 marked the singer’s first public appearance in 13 years since the controversy over his military evasion. However, despite his apology, the public’s response was far from sympathetic, and the Ministry of Justice further stated that they’ve never expressed an intention to lift the prohibition of his entry to Korea, nor did they ever mention that there was a possibility of him recovering his Korean citizenship. 

yoo seung jun 2


Following the official broadcast, the people on set failed to realize the microphone was still on, and the ensuing conversation also hit the airwaves, although it is not clear what is being said or who is saying it.

(Note: Please take into consideration that the tone of what is being said cannot be properly relayed through this fragmented dialogue.)

The following is bits of conversation that were overheard:

"It's fine."

"This is much better than doing..."

"Articles are coming out right now."

"Because he's ad-libbing."

"They're asking when we're going to do a third broadcast?"


"Don't you think we'll have to do one?"

"Hey hey hey, this is still on!"

You can watch the ending bit and listen to the ensuing conversation here:

Source (1) (2) (3) Update 2: After the airing of the post-broadcast conversation, Shin Hyun Won Productions explained, "Yoo Seung Jun did not curse," and added, "If it's true, an apology will be given." "It was a simple broadcast accident. The staff members were talking to relax after the broadcast, and because the mic wasn't turned off, it ended up being aired." Source (4)

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