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f(x) Have Fun in the Sun Behind the Scenes on Baskin Robbins Commercial Shoot

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Victoria, Amber, Krystal, and Luna of f(x) recently shot a fun, summer-themed commercial for Baskin Robbins's new ice cream/pat bingsoo fusion treat, and some extended clips of the girls filming were released on May 26. In the video, you can see the members goofing off and preparing between takes, including Amber pulling funny faces and practicing her rap as she's primped by the shoot's stylists and Luna being fanned as she does a cute little shimmy. In case any readers are concerned, SM Entertainment has previously stated that there's no reason for fans to worry about the lack of member Sulli in the commercial. According to the agency, "The reason why Sulli is not in the CF is because she was on a hiatus when we signed the contract with Baskin Robbins." You can enjoy this refreshing and bright look at f(x) behind the scenes below!

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