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"Superman Returns” Triplet Min Gook Gets Traumatized by His Mermaid Transformation

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Actor Song Il Gook’s middle triplet, Min Gook, gave viewers a good laugh with his reaction to the sight of himself dressed as a mermaid. On the May 24 broadcast of KBS’ variety show “Superman Returns,” the triplets’ dad, Song Il Gook, took his three sons to a studio where they could dress up and have their photos taken. In order to play out the story of “The Little Mermaid,” the three boys began their transformation into the characters of the prince, the mermaid, and the sea witch. Before getting changed, Min Gook expressed that he wanted to take on the role of the mermaid character. However, as Song Il Gook started to dress him in the mermaid outfit, piece by piece, Min Gook was in for a surprise. After seeing himself wearing the tight-fitting, sequined tail, Min Gook burst into tears and cried out, “Min Gook doesn’t want to be the mermaid. Take off these clothes. I don’t want to transform into anything,” and ultimately fell to the floor in tears. As a result, the roles were switched and the youngest triplet, Man Se, made the transformation into ‘Man Se Mermaid.’ Watch the adorably hilarious clip below: min gook mermaid Source (1)

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