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Lee Yeon Hee Says Beauty Runs in Her Family on "Section TV"

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On the May 24 episode of "Section TV," actress Lee Yeon Hee sits down to chat about her life and the journey that has led to her current role in the MBC drama "Hwajung." When asked, Lee Yeon Hee says she's the third daughter in her family, so the interviewer asks her what her older sisters look like. "They're also on the pretty side," says Lee Yeon Hee, and the show reveals some photos of her and her sisters. lee yeon hee 1 She is then asked which of the three she'd say is the prettiest, if she were to choose objectively. Lee Yeon Hee is so embarrassed she can't even look at the camera or the interviewer as she laughs and admits it might be her, because of her good genes. lee yeon hee 4 It's then revealed that Lee Yeon Hee originally auditioned for her agency SM Entertainment when she was in her first year of middle school because her older sister suggested it, and she ended up getting first place. lee yeon hee 3 "You must be so grateful!" says the interviewer. "But didn't it happen because I did a good job?" says Lee Yeon Hee, bursting out laughing at her own frankness. lee yeon hee 2 You can check out the rest of the candid interview on the latest episode of "Section TV"! Source (1)

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