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Military Manpower Administration Says Yoo Seung Jun Did Not Inquire about Military Service

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Korea’s Military Manpower Administration has refuted Yoo Seung Jun’s claim that he recently inquired about enlisting in the military. An official statement from the agency was aired on the May 24 episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” and stated that, “Yoo Seung Jun has not inquired about joining the military since 2002.” This response comes after the former K-pop star gave an emotional live internet interview in which he said that he had inquired about joining the military last year. yooseungjun1 Yoo Seung Jun was a prominent K-pop star until 2002, when he made the decision to renounce his Korean citizenship after becoming an American citizen. Under suspicion that the move was an attempt to dodge his mandatory military service, he was subsequently barred from returning to South Korea and has not set in the country since. He now works primarily in China, but has expressed his desire to return to Korea and fulfill his military duties.

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