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INFINITE’s Dongwoo Caught with His ‘Naughty Hand’ on Member Sungyeol?

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INFINITE member Dongwoo was recently caught on camera by the press with his ‘naughty hand’ on his fellow group member Sungyeol. One of the largest K-Pop concerts that takes place every year opened up on May 23 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. On this day, INFINITE made a group appearance in front of the press before they took the stage at the ‘2015 Dream Concert.’ After posing for pictures before the countless flashes of cameras, the members made their way off the photo wall stage. During this process, a few media outlets seem to have captured INFINITE member Dongwoo placing his hand on Sungyeol (more specifically, his behind), who happened to be standing next to him. However, it doesn’t appear as though Sungyeol minds the touching, as he can be seen grabbing Dongwoo’s hand afterwards. As many fans may already know, Dongwoo is the unofficial ‘butt expert’ of his group. Check out the clip of the hilarious interaction below! Source (1)

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