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"Gangnam Style" Choreographer to Formally Debut as a Singer

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Lee Joo Seon, the man behind the famous horse trot dance of Psy’s Internet-breaking hitGangnam Style,” is making the move from backstage to front stage. On May 27, the choreographer will make his official debut as a singer with single “DRUWA.” “DRUWA” is a stylized spelling of “deu ru wa,” which is roughly the Korean slang equivalent of “come at me” in English. “DRUWA” is an EDM track written by rapper G-MASTA and features the vocals of Joo Hee from musical trio 8Eight. Gangnam Style choreographerFine Tree Communications comments, “The super addictive lyrics and exciting beat will delight music fans, and the song will securely establish ‘Choreographer Lee Joo Seon’ as ‘Singer Lee Joo Seon.’” Moreover, “You can anticipate the music and performances in store for ‘DRUWA’ project.” Lee Joo Seon is not only known for choreographing “Gangnam Style” but also unforgettable dance performances by g.o.d, Cha Tae Hyun, Goofy, and more. Following the release of “DRUWA” on May 27, Lee Joo Seon is slated to promote the song on various music shows. Source (1)

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