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Park Soo Jin and Lizzy Devour an Astonishing Amount of Food on "Tasty Road"

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After School's Lizzy and Park Soo Jin shocked audiences with the amount of food they could eat. On a recent episode of Olive TV's "Tasty Road" which aired May 23, the two tried out a menu in a restaurant called "Happiness with 10,000 won." The menu was actually a 9,900 won (approx. nine dollars) buffet, which made Park Soo Jin jump with joy exclaiming, "Is this really 9,900 won? Are you sure we don't have a time limit?" park soo jin lizzypark soo jin2 Later, Park Soo Jin comes back from the food court with three platefuls and starts devouring all the deliciousness. At the end, Park Soo Jin and Lizzy clear a total of 11 plates, an unexpected amount from two petite ladies. tasty roadtasty road2 How many plates can you guys clear in buffets? Source (1)

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