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7 Reasons Why GOT7 Has Got It All!

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GOT7 debuted in January 2014, being JYP's newest boy group. GOT7 has already received so much love and recognition through various rookie and newcomer awards. I recently watched GOT7 live at the Korean Music Festival and their popularity within the audience was no joke. I could feel the love for GOT7, especially with my ears. If you're unfamiliar with GOT7, the group is comprised of leader JB, Jr., Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom. Each of the seven members could definitely count as a reason for why GOT7 has got it all, but we won't state the obvious reasons. We have come up with seven reasons that make GOT7 one of the hottest rising boy groups. You won't want to miss out on this! Make sure you comment below and let us know why you love GOT7!

1) Global Appeal

GOT7 is known to be a multinational group with members from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the United States. Not only do they receive love from their respective homelands, but having members from various countries allows them to communicate with their fans better at concerts and events. I think having members with different nationalities allows the group to have a global appeal, further appealing to a wider audience. Although the non-Korean members can speak their native language, they are also all pretty fluent in Korean, which is really impressive and admirable. They recently came out with a new music video for their Japanese song, "Love Train."

2) Catchy & Charismatic Songs

What are some of your favorite GOT7 songs? They have some pretty catchy songs thanks to the genius composer, Park Jin Young. They have made girls swoon with "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Stop Stop It." But they have also shown their boyish charm through songs like "I Like You" and "A." Their songs are so catchy and they have easy choruses that their fans can engage in and follow along. Not gonna lie, I have definitely had my moments with my girlfriends singing and dancing along to their songs. So if you haven't listened to their music, you should definitely check out some of their hit songs.

3) Talent in Entertainment & Dramas

Dream-Knight-poster Not only is GOT7 musically talented, but this group strives in various areas of entertainment. Before, when members JB and Jr. were in JJ Project, they had lead roles in the drama "Dream High 2." Leader JB also starred as Shin Se Kyung's younger brother in "When A Man Loves," while Jr. has starred in "When A Man Loves" and the most recent, "Beloved Eundong." Recently, Soompi had the opportunity to interview GOT7 and the members agreed that Jr. was the actor of the group. GOT7 as a group has starred in their web drama, "Dream Knight," as well. Not only are our boys talented in their acting, but they are hilarious on entertainment programs as well. Jackson was a cast member for the second season of "Roommate" and even won Best Male Rookie Award for Variety at the SBS Entertainment Awards. Jackson and Mark were also on and off regular guests on Arirang's "After School Club." The group has shown their variety skills and humor through various programs like "Roommate," "Quiz to Change the World," and "Weekly Idol."

4) JYP Nation

Fotor0627151033 Behind our GOT7 guys, we have their JYP Nation family! Through various programs and pictures on social media, fans can see just how close the GOT7 members are with their older JYP Nation brothers and sisters. GOT7 has been known to be close with their 2PM brothers, their agency seniors giving advice to them. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__6408b7338b323b45c05cfebb591738b5f69

5) Adorable, Solid Friendships

got7-for-j-estina-friendship-bracelets As someone who has seen many K-pop groups come and go, I have realized that the number one thing that keeps a group going is their relationships and friendships with one another. With GOT7, I could see so much love and care for one another. They know each other really well and I could tell that they just have such solid relationships. They are so playful with each other and aren't afraid to be themselves. It seems like they have respect for one another and their families and they support one another in whatever they do. 593186_600tumblr_njcu4mhfnE1tolspdo1_1280

6) Hot and Slick Choreography

Many groups are known for their performances and dance routines, but similar to their 2PM brothers, GOT7 includes a lot of acrobatic movements, including backflips, turns and spins, and jumps. Many times, it is usually Mark flying up in the air and he is definitely different. Overall, the group together has really good teamwork and synchronized choreography, whether they do acrobatics or not. Some of their dance routines are very sexy and slick at the same time. The one that really stands out to me is their choreography for "Stop Stop It." The way that they roll their body is just so smooth and manly at the same time. They have also shown their charisma and weirdness through their behind the scenes practice videos on YouTube. This gives fans an extra sneak peek at their dances and it shows that they really practice hard for their performances. Here's a bonus clip of the boys performing Apink's "Mr. Chu!" They bring their A-game to every performance!

7) Hip-Hop & Style

got7-png The group really strives to be a hip-hop group, which differs from a lot of other idol groups. They debuted as a hip-hop group and Jackson mentioned in their interview with Soompi that he would love to come back with a more stronger and hardcore hip-hop concept. These guys definitely have style and swag in the way they carry themselves and dress. With their snapbacks and high-top sneakers, they know how to rock it on and off the stage.  And let's be real, these guys are pretty cool and good-looking and that's just always a plus! You can check out the interview down below! So these were just some of the reasons why GOT7 has got it all! Don't forget to comment below and let me know why you think GOT7 has got it all. bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who thinks that GOT7's "Stop Stop It" dance is so hot! She has been enjoying Who Are You - School 2015!  You can connect/follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment!

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