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2AM's Jo Kwon and B1A4's CNU Want to Break the Idol Mold Through New Musical "Chess"

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In the June issue of the magazine Singles, 2AM's Jo Kwon and B1A4's CNU are featured in a dark and haunting photo shoot and also answer questions about their upcoming musical "Chess." "Chess" is an internationally renowned musical that first premiered back in 1984. It is set during the Cold War, when a Soviet grandmaster chess player, Anatoly Sergievsky, challenges the current world chess champion, an American grandmaster named Freddie Trumper. The two end up fighting over a strong-willed woman, Florence Vassy, who is Freddie's manager. As with most Korean musicals, several actors will be alternating in each role.The role of Anatoly will be played by Jo Kwon, CNU, SHINee's Key, and VIXX's Ken. Freddie will be played by Shin Sung Woo and Lee Gun Myung. Actresses Ahn Shi Ha and Lee Jung Hwa will be taking the role of Florence. jo kwon CNU In the interview with Singles, Jo Kwon and CNU were asked if they ever get competitive over the fact that they're sharing the lead role. "We don't have the luxury of using up emotion on that kind of thing," replies Jo Kwon. "We're rehearsing all week for more than five or six hours. Right now the only thing I think about is 'Chess.'" jo kwon CNU 2 When asked about his goals as a musical actor and not an idol, musical rookie CNU replies, "First of all, I think I have to do a great job starting with my first work. My name means 'trustworthy friend.' I want to live up to my name so that people will go see my work because they trust me." "I'm the same," answers Jo Kwon. "I always want to break the mold. I started doing musicals because I wanted to break away from my image as an idol. The first generation of idols-turned-musical-actors, like Ock Joo Hyun and JYJ's Junsu, have a lot of box office power but they also get great reviews because of their talent. As someone in the second generation, I have even more ambition about musicals." Singles magazine also posted a photo on their Instagram of the two as they played chess behind the scenes on their shoot. jo kwon CNU 4 The musical "Chess" will open in Seoul on June 19. Source (1)

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