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Son Na Eun Gets Sexy for Pictorial and Reveals Secrets to Her Flawless Body

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Though A Pink is known for their cute and lovely image, Son Na Eun revealed her sexy side in the june pictorial for fashion magazine Sure. Shooting for different looks back stage, her style ranged from sultry to fierce, making everyone marvel at how she easily adapted to different images. “A Pink members have similar beauty interests and share information since we are all around the same age,” she said in an interview that went along with the pictorial. “Moist lip products with strong pigments are always in my pouch. I like red or orange colors.” Son Na Eun also revealed the secret behind her clear skin and fit body. “If you find it hard to change your diet, try going without salt,” she said. “It’s great for dieting and your face doesn’t swell up as well. When I’m hungry, I tame my hunger by blending tomatoes. I drink it as a detox juice for breakfast and dinner before our comebacks as well.” “I also highly recommend squats,” Son Na Eun added. “Even when I can’t visit then gym due to overseas shows, I squat by myself every day. Doing five sets of 20 squats helps both my upper and lower body strength. Your thighs get really fit and it even burns off the fat under your but.” son na eun 2 Source (1)

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