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Korean Society Is Suffering From Burnout Syndrome

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It is no secret that Korean students are stressed out. On the episode of KBS2’s “In Depth 69 Minutes” aired on May 20, the concerning severity of burnout syndrome was highlighted. Burnout syndrome is when one feels mental exhaustion, fatigue, and self-hate due to focusing on one thing to an extreme. According to the show, three out of 23 elementary school students in Seoul have stress levels that rival that of a burnout syndrome patient. More surprisingly, 14 out of 23 students have stress levels equal to that of a 16-year veteran worker. Other studies show that 16 out of 21 college students in their early 20s have also experienced burnout syndrome, proving that people's stress levels continue to increase from a young age. Meanwhile, experts pass on the verdict that Korean society is currently worn out, saying, “More than 70 percent of our country’s workers are suffering from burnout syndrome.” Source (1) See also: Korean Elementary School Students Barely Talk With Their Dads

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