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Han Groo’s Reps Confirm Her Relationship with Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

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It has been confirmed that actress Han Groo is currently in a relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend of seven months, after she personally shared photos through her Instagram account. On May 20, a representative of Han Groo’s agency explained, “We were not aware at first, as it is her private life. After checking with her, it is true that she is currently dating, although we did not ask for any specifics. Her boyfriend is a non-celebrity. The two of them are meeting well so please give them your support.” A source close to the actress also shared, “Han Groo naturally has a very free-spirited and honest personality, so she has a lot of friends around her, which is how she began dating her boyfriend. They regularly go on dates in public while holding hands and are completely open with each other.” The source continued, “Han Groo is enjoying her life as any other normal 24-year-old girl would. From what I know, she decided to reveal her relationship due to worries that her boyfriend might get hurt if it is made known through speculative articles later on, as he isn’t a celebrity.” Earlier on May 20, Han Groo wrote on her personal Instagram, “Be happy hehe,” along with a series of photos taken with her boyfriend. han groo boyfriend Source (1) (2)

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