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SM Entertainment Files Lawsuit Against Companies That Featured Luhan in Ads

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According to statement released by SM Entertainment on May 20, the agency is filing a lawsuit against Chinese companies that have used EXO's Luhan as a model for their advertisements. They maintain that Luhan and Kris (Wu Yi Fan) are still members of their agency and EXO. They therefore have officially filed lawsuits against two companies that featured Luhan in their advertisements, a Shanghai cosmetics company and a Beijing technology company. This is in addition to the two lawsuits for damages that the company filed in February against Luhan and another company that used him in advertisements and against the star and a movie production company that cast him in a film. SM Entertainment also asserts that prior to Luhan and Kris filing their lawsuits against the company for termination of their contracts, they used the popularity they had obtained through their activities with EXO to appear in films and advertisements, and at events and awards ceremonies. They state, "These kind of actions infringe upon the rights and interests of SM and the members of EXO, as well as creating serious issues for the contracts signed between SM and several affiliated companies both in Korea and abroad. This is creating an immense amount of financial damage. In addition, these unethical acts that betray the trust of their company and their fellow members are also clearly in violation of the law." Source (1) See also: SM, Kris, and Luhan to Undergo Compulsory Arbitration Luhan Stars in CF for L’Oreal Paris’ “Mr. Light” Campaign

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