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SM, Kris, and Luhan to Undergo Compulsory Arbitration

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SM Entertainment, and former EXO members Wu Yi Fan (Kris) and Luhan, will be undergoing compulsory arbitration, as determined by the court. On May 18, it was reported by news outlet Star News that the Seoul Central District Court has ordered compulsory arbitration for the three involved parties, as they have failed to decide on a settlement despite numerous meetings. With this compulsory arbitration, the court will be issuing a final settlement for them. If SM Entertainment, Wu Yi Fan, or Luhan do not submit an objection to the court's ruling in two weeks, the compulsory arbitration will be officially taking place. Wu Yi Fan and Luhan's legal representative told the media, "We have received the court's decision and we are currently in the process of reviewing it," as they added, "we cannot reveal any detail about the court's orders." SM's legal representative took a similar stance as they refused to provide more information. Wu Yi Fan and Luhan have been having legal disputes with SM since last year, while they both continue with their individual activities in China. Source: (1)

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