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Review: 3CE's Triple Eye Shadow and Face Maker

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Hi everyone! It's Heylinni here! I’m back with my second installment in this beauty review series! Today it’s all about 3CE products. I’m willing to bet that a lot of you use Tumblrs, right? If that’s the case, then you may recognize this girl: park sora For those that don’t, where have you been?! Just kidding :) Let me introduce you to Park Sora – pretty much the face of Stylenanda, a hugely popular fashion retail store. She also happens to be pretty much my fashion idol! Anyway, she also models a lot of their 3CE makeup, also known as 3 Concept Eyes, an original line by Stylenanda. It's widely known in Korea and internationally for its high-quality lipsticks and pigments, which are extremely effective and vivid. Today I’m going to be reviewing a few of their eye and face makeup. I’ve got with me two of their Triple-Toned Eye Shadows and also the 3CE Face Maker for essential contouring. Let's start with the Face Maker. 3ce The 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker is a medium-sized compact with a light brown bronzer and a pearly beige highlighter. These complement each other really well and offer a portable product for those necessary midday touchups. I want to add that I LOVE the 3CE packaging. It's so simple and minimalist, with the full black color and contrasting white chalk font. It'd be a bit nicer if it came with a brush, but the compact size is really good and seems like it should last quite a long time. The compact also has a small interior mirror, which is very convenient for on-the-go application. 3ce The focus of these two shades are to achieve a super natural look, where you're just adding some shadows and highlights to enhance the existing beauty on your face. It gives off a smooth, pearl-like texture so you can attain a flawless and luminous finish. The tones are very warm, with a golden glow. They'll add healthy, natural shading and color to the face. In terms of technique, you want to highlight your T-zone and under the eyes, and bronze your cheekbones, chin, hairline, and nose for sharper, pronounced features. Check out this swatch below for a closer look at the two shades. They aren't very vivid and don't transfer that boldly onto the brush, so I had to apply a few layers in order to get this noticeable effect. However, they are great for subtle changes, or for people who have a heavy hand with makeup. 3ce Next up, the 3CE triple shadows that I bought! These are super convenient and nice because they come with three shades in one shadow compact, so it's completely worth the price. Honestly, I think that you only need to buy one, which you could use for a daily look and not really need any other eyeshadow. There are five shades: Tintin, Body to Body, Lemme See, More Brown, and Nonono. I love all of the different shades and I reckon that they complement each other very well, so you can use them all to create gradation and depth in the eyes for a richer look. 3cs I decided to try out Body to Body and More Brown for myself. Reason being, they are probably the most diverse colors, and I can achieve different eye looks with the two compacts. Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 5.24.14 pm Body to Body is a pinky eyeshadow with warm golden tones. It's three colors seem to be varying degrees of coral and pink, allowing a feminine aura to be created with the eye makeup. The eyeshadow all have specks of golden shimmer in them, generating a glittery, luxurious finish, which I especially love. It makes your eyes look much more alluring and interesting! 3ce From the Stylenanda pictures, you can truly see how beautiful the shades are and how creating a gradient with the colors looks so natural and pretty! 3ce When I gave it a go, I was super happy with the effect. Once again though, it doesn't come out very bright or noticeable. But this may be because of the effect of the camera, whereas in real life, it has a perfect balance of natural yet vivid on the face. The close-up shows that I tried to integrate all the colors onto my eye. I've applied the rose shimmer as the base color, then incorporated a rose gold shimmer into the center of the eyelid. Finally, I tried to highlight with the pearl shimmer, adding it at the edge of my brow bone. 3ce3ce3ce It's so pretty and sparkly with the flash on! I am loving the quality of the powder and how it doesn't get too flaky or broken up easily. 3ce

Next, I chose the More Brown tone because it seems like such a staple color with the mix of coffee and dark browns, all with the additional element of sparkle. Through layering, these browns add tone and depth, but also function as perfect shading tools to slightly alter the perception of your eyes. It's easy to blend, soft-textured and has an emollient formula to ensure long-lasting, silky makeup. 3ce By layering more and more of the brown, you can even choose to go a little more dramatic and smokey. It gives perfect variation of looks, depending on how much you apply. A little amount ensures a natural, subtle, ulzzang feel, while rich layers give off an atmosphere of luxury and sexiness. 3ce3ce3ce

HAHAH fail wink... I was just trying to show off the shadow on my eye, I swear! 3ce

One eye eyeliner-ed, one eye not. Including that bold stroke of eyeliner really adds to the dramatic, doe-eyed effect! But you could even try a simple bit of shadowing on its own and I think that it would still look super natural and sweet. 3ce3ce

I found that the 3CE eyeshadows are less effective but higher quality than other eyeshadows I've tried. They're silky, stay for longer, and are the perfect complementary tones. Plus, the high-quality 3CE brand makes me feel a lot more comfortable and trusting to put it on my face for a whole day, without the fear of it harming my skin. I love these two shadows that I purchased and am definitely looking forward to adding a few more tones to my collection!

3ce So that concludes my review for today! I hope you enjoyed reading all about 3CE products. They're a great buy and I am definitely looking forward to sourcing more 3CE products in the future. Overall, I would probably give the 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker a 3/5, because of its amazing ability to act as a natural, subtle contouring tool. I'd rate the Triple Eyeshadows a 4/5, the only downfall being that they aren't as vivid as I'd like them to be! See you next time for some more beauty tips, xx Heylinni

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