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BoA Gifts Fans with Delicious Treats

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Queen of K-pop BoA is currently promoting her latest single "Kiss My Lips" through performances on music shows, and to thank her fans for coming out to support her she's given them some special gifts. On May 17, she posted on her Instagram a photo of some chocolates and other treats that she'd had prepared in special boxes for her fans. The boxes have a small number eight after her name because "Kiss My Lips" is the singer's eighth album. boa She writes in the caption, "You must be tired after coming out to watch the open broadcast three days in a row..? ㅠㅠ Here are some snacks I've prepared as a gift in return for you! When you're heading out after the pre-filming, please enjoy them ^^" Thanks to Christine for the tip! Source (1) See also: BoA to Promote Four Songs on This Week’s Music Shows BoA Plans to Show Her Girly Side in Promotions for “Kiss My Lips” BoA Wants You to “Kiss My Lips” in New Music Video

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