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Twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool Have Completely Different Shoe Shopping Styles

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Shoo's adorable twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool went shoe shopping, and showed that they had two completely different personalities. On the May 16 episode of SBS's "Oh! My Baby," Shoo takes Ra Hee and Ra Yool shoe shopping to the market. The younger Ra Yool doesn't take much time looking around, and chooses a pair of bunny shoes right away. Even when Shoo puts different shoes on her to assess her shoe size, she doesn't want to take them off. ra hee ra yool On the other hand, Ra Hee looks around for over 20 minutes, assessing the shoes with careful touch. Shoo is exasperated at her daughter who is taking too long. Eventually, Shoo asks for shoes with Pororo on them, and Ra Hee is finally satisfied as Pororo boots appear. Source (1)

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