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Lonely Grandfather Pedals Over 30km to See His Family

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An elderly grandfather brought tears of the eyes of many when he got on a bicycle to go see his family that he missed very much. On May 13, the Jeonbuk Police introduced the story of the 'Bicycle Grandfather' who was riding his bike in Bamjae Tunnel. Bamjae Tunnel is notorious for being an accident-prone and dangerous place, because the range of vision is quite limited and there is very little traffic so cars speed through the area. Police officers who were patrolling the area saw the grandfather riding his bicycle through the dangerous tunnel. Worried, the officers stopped him and asked some questions. The grandfather had moved away from his family alone because his health was deteriorating. In rehabilitation, his health recovered little by little, but he was also lonely. Missing his family too much, he had jumped on his bicycle and was pedaling over 30km to see his family. After hearing the touching story, the police officers offered to escort the grandfather, but the grandfather refused. In the end, the officers followed behind him and brightened the dark tunnel with their headlights. One of the police officers revealed that he was touched, tearing up as he said, "As I was watching him from behind, I thought of my own grandfather." Source (1) See also: Adorable Little Girl Waits to Say Hello to Police Officer Every Morning

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