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Ailee Is an Adorable Fangirl in Photos with EXO, Hyorin, INFINITE, and Other Celebrities

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Can Ailee get any cuter? The solo singer recently updated her Instagram account with multiple selcas she took with other celebrities such as EXO, INFINITE, Hyorin, and Baek Ji Young. Although Ailee is also an established singer, she looks happy and excited to be taking photos with her fellow Korean celebrities. With each photo, Ailee added a humble caption that also expressed her admiration and love. With the photo she took with EXO members Chanyeol, Chen, and Baekhyun she wrote, "#Trend EXO...Wah, celebrities..." ailee For this photo Ailee referred to Ali as her sister. ailee With Baek Ji Young, her "unnie." ailee With her "sunbaenim" (honorific term for her senior) Hyorin. ailee With INFINITE'S Sunggyu and L. She also tagged L and wrote, "#Sunggyu #L #Sunggyuwal #WhatIsThis #Please #HeSaid #UploadThis #Really #Please #InfiniteGram." ailee She shared this photo with veteran singer Insooni and wrote, "With Insooni teacher. I love you and I was honored." ailee With "visual singer" Kim Bum Soo. She also added, "#NoMarrying." ailee In this photo she tagged Yoon Mi Rae and asked, "Collab? Please." You can follow Ailee (and Soompi) on her Instagram.

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