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2015 "Coming of Age" Day: K-Pop Idols Celebrating Adulthood

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In the month of May, also known as "Family Month" in Korea, there are a variety of days celebrating roles in families like, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Children's Day. Now it's time for the ones stepping into adulthood to shine as we celebrate "Coming of Age" day in Korea! This day is for those turning 19 in international age and is celebrated every year on the third Monday of May, which is May 18 this year. For 2015, all who were born in 1996 are able to celebrate "Coming of Age" and are considered "adults" afterwards.  So, let's check out some of the idols who will be turning legal soon! jinLovelyz' Jin joyRed Velvet's Joy hayoungApink's Hayoung yerinGFRIEND's Yerin chanmiAOA's Chanmi sorn yoojin seungyeonCLC's Yoojin, Sorn, and Seungyeon (from left to right) b.i. ikoniKON's B.I. lee hi Solo artist Lee Hi bap zeloB.A.P's Zelo lee chanhyukAkdong Musician's Lee Chanhyuk YoungjaeGOT7's Youngjae seungheeOh My Girl's Seunghee nc.a 1 Solo artist NC.A high. dSonamoo's High.D nayeonBerry Good's Nayeon heedoB.I.G's Hee Do jung yoojinThe Ark's Jung Yoojin yeoreumHello Venus' Yeoreum woojoo wassupWassup's Woojoo euijinSonamoo's Euijin

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