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VIXX's Ken Blows the Audience Away with His Singing on "The Last Song"

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On the May 12 broadcast of "The Last Song," VIXX's Ken showed off his amazing vocals and broke the stereotypical thinking that idols cannot sing. When it's Ken's turn to grab the mic, he chooses the song "Goodbye For Now" by MC The Max. The MCs ask him, "Isn't this song hard to sing?" In response, Ken says, "This was my favorite song to sing in middle school. I always sang it." When he lands his first note, he captures the audience with his clear tone. He blows the panel away by hitting the high note without any problems, and finishes the song perfectly. ken 1 As soon as Ken is done singing, Moon Hee Jun says, "I really like [VIXX] as my juniors, and I was so touched when I heard this song," and asks Ken, "Can I hug you?" ken 3 Afterwards, Moon Hee Jun grabs Ken's collar and jokes, "You have the voice that I want!" ken 4 Meanwhile, VIXX's N also appeared on this show with Ken, along with other guests. Watch the clip of Ken singing now! Source (1) See also: SHINee’s Key, 2AM’s Jokwon, B1A4’s CNU, and VIXX’s Ken Cast in Musical “Chess” 

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