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Han Hee Jun Marvels at Girls' Generation Tiffany's Glowing Beauty

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Singer Han Hee Jun is another male who has marveled at the beauty of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. On May 12, an clip of Han Hee Jun and Tiffany was revealed through Naver Music’s special page. In the revealed clip, the male singer says, “I’m so honored to be working with Tiffany, especially since it was my dream to work with Girls’ Generation.” When the two are asked about each other’s first impressions, Tiffany says, “I felt that Hee Jun’s voice would compliment my own. I practiced the song with a light heart.” He, too, answers, “First of all, I was surprised at how skinny she was. She is beautiful. Even her hair clip seems to shine.” “I feel like we’re off to a great start since I’m doing a duet with Tiffany, whom I am a fan of. Also, though it is important to be a good singer, I think that being a good person is essential as well. I will be working my hardest until I fulfill such a status,” he adds. Meanwhile, Han Hee Jun and Tiffany’s duet song “QnA” will be released on May 15. han hee jun tiffany 2 Source (1) See also: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Is Han Hee Jun’s Mystery Feature Artist

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